Separated at Birth 2014

Separated at Birth 2014
Steven Semes and Ted Grunewald remind me that James Wines and SITE first made this “move” 37 years earlier.

SITE, Notch Project, Best Products Store, 901 Arden Way, Sacramento California, 1977. Demolished.

Separated at Birth @ (largest photos)
Separated at Birth @
Separated At Birth—The Paperback

And a late entry, Snohetta’s Ryerson Centre, Toronto:


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3 Responses to Separated at Birth 2014

  1. Steven Semes says:

    Just another modernist cliché, except that the first building with a flipped-up corner I remember seeing was a Best Products store designed by James Wines and SITE in the l970s.

  2. joe d says:

    Professor Semes,

    You must be mistaken. Lifting the corner of the building is novel, original, and inventive.

    So are twisting the building, and tilting the building.

    Liz Diller wasn’t even in architecture school when Wines did that.


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