Take Back The City

On a recent episode of Billions, the New York Attorney General stands on the roof a car in the middle of a New York City street with a bullhorn. Why? Vecause he’s positioned himself near a meeting on the Highline where the Mayor is announcing a plan to bring the Olympics to New York City. With the Mayor is the billionaire behind the plan, a man whom the AG wants to thwart. Through the bullhorn he yells,

So they want to revitalize the city? These plutocrats? Have they thought about the unintended consequences to the average citizen.? Do they think about the average citizen at all?

A cabal of billionaires remaking the city. What the hell do they know about the real New York? How many will be displaces, so they can build an Olympic stadium? Have they at all considered what real New Yorkers want for our city?”

Maybe we should remind them who we are. What do we do when the carpetbaggers and the land barons try to shove us out of the way? We shove back. We shove back!

That’s right! And together, the people, and those who represent the people, we will take back our city.

Take back our city!
Take back our city!
Take back our city!

Repeat, fade to credits and the Rolling Stones’ “Street Fighting Man”

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