Why GoDaddy’s Microsoft Exchange Email for Mac Users S*cks

After three years of unreliable, expensive email service from GoDaddy and Microsoft, I’ve reluctantly concluded that I have to find a new service for my domain name email. For reasons I won’t go into here, that’s a problem. GoDaddy is part of the problem.

Why do I have to move my email? Because,

  • I have a Mac desktop, a MacAir, an IPad, and an iPhone. At least 10% of my email never syncs across all four “devices.”
  • Another 20-30% of the email can take up to an hour to go to any device.
  • At least one of the GoDaddy support people suggests I would be better off switching to Windows. But he can sell me tech support for $50.

Microsoft’s email is moderately expensive, but the problem is that I have 30,000+ emails in my account. Three years ago GoDaddy told me they would transfer all my old messages into the new account.

“We can’t guarantee any other provider will be able to move it all,” they said.

I’ll be glad to leave.

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