The Cosmopolitans and #StreetoftheDay

The Cosmopolitans
From the Amazon Original Pilots and The Cosmopolitans comes the Street Design #StreetoftheDay: the rue Caron, leading into the place du Marché Ste.-Catherine, in the Marais. The shot is taken from the show.

Place du Marché Sainte-Catherine, 75004 More information after the jump:

You can walk around with Google street view, although the Google truck didn’t go down this short block of the rue Caron. I didn’t know the place du Marché Ste—Catherine before The Cosmoplitans, but now I want to go.

The square reminds me of the admittedly different place de Furstemberg:

place de Furstemberg
PS: Apparently the place de Furstemberg, is also the place de Furstenberg, the place Furstenberg, and the place Furstemberg. In Germany or Austria, it would be Fürstenberg.

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