Separated at Birth

Separated at BirthPerot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas, Texas, meet The Borg, Alpha Quadrant, Outer Space. People have long said that Thom Mayne’s buildings have all the human scale and attractiveness of menacing alien spaceships,* but “Why ask why?” — “Resistance is futile” when Starchitects come to town.

I used to joke about new buildings in New York looking like the Borg ship, including the black Maki building at Astor Place, and Mayne’s Cooper building 2 blocks south. Who knew that Mayne was actually looking to the Borg ship as architectural precedent?

* “41 Cooper Square appears in the 2013 U.S. television series The Tomorrow People as the headquarters of the Ultra agency.”
* “You think of the alien popping out of Sigourney Weaver’s stomach.”

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