“We are an evil people, and we deserve to be punished”

It was meant to trumpet an aspirational lifestyle and showcase the very pinnacle of luxury living in one of London’s most exclusive new residential towers, where penthouses are currently on the market for over £4m. But property developer Redrow’s latest promotional video has been pulled just days after it was launched online, having been subject to an online battery of ridicule and claims that it epitomises the dystopian nightmare of London’s iniquitous property market.

American Psycho’ property promo pulled after Twitterstorm

When I was an exchange student in London, the city had only three towers. And of those three, one was empty for tax reasons, one was only 12 stories tall, and the third was a needle-tower built for the British Telephone and television antennas. I’ve been back many times, and it’s only recently that the “iconic towers” have sprouted like weeds. It’s very odd for me to see this video. I admit that the American Psycho character we are apparently supposed to admire reinforces my bias against more of the towers, which ruin vistas all over the city.

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